Thursday, July 24, 2014


For warm up, complete not for time:
3 rounds
1:00 plank ​hold
8-12 supine ring rows
12 super man back extension with :2 second pause at the top
15 Band Pull Aparts

6 rounds with partner (one person works while the other rests.) Each person completes 6 sets.
3 Hang Cleans (#115-#135/ #75-#95)

Rest 5 minutes

3 rounds with partner (one person works while the other rests.) E​ach person completes 3 sets.
10 Up Downs (burpee without the push up, goal is to stay as tight as possible
10 deadlift (155/105)
Bear crawl up and back

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


​Complete 3 rounds​ for warm-up, not for time​
:30 L – sit
3-5 jumping bar muscle ups
8 Single Leg Bridges each side


AMRAP 12 minutes
20 tire strikes
15 true push ups
​ *on parallettes​
10 calorie row

Rest 5 minutes

AMRAP 6 Minutes
8 box jumps
12 kbs

Monday, July 21, 2014


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes complete (10 sets total)
Front Squat x3 (use 80% of last weeks 1rm)
+ 4 Vertical Jumps Max Height

4 rounds - Rest 90 rest between rounds, score is fastest round
20 OH walking lunge (45/25-35 bumper plate)
15 V-Ups
200m row


Wow.  The art glass display at the Denver Botanic Gardens is just amazing.

Emom 12 minutes
Complete 3 power cleans (75%-) + 4 burpees over the bar
Wall ball
Chin up
Push press (#115-95/#85-65)

This is actually a full-sized boat full of blown glass!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Have a great weekend everybody.  Enjoy the lush jungle around us!  This is the view from my from door.

For your reading pleasure - some mobility homework.

The Olympic Lifts in slow motion.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


3 or 4 sets max reps at bodyweight
Or pick a suitable weight you think you can get somewhere around 10 to 5 reps with.

"Lynda" reps
Deadlift   1.5 bodyweight
Clean       0.75 bodyweight

Be smart.  This is a modified-for-gyms version of Linda or Three Bars of Death - watch this classic CrossFit WOD from around 2000 here.  And here with Games competitors: fifty minutes, ouch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Jason Khalipa Crossfit NorCal
Read more - Jason Khalipa at TheBoxMag.

OTM for 10 minutes perform 1 Clean Pull + 1 HPC +1 PC 

(Spend 7-8 minutes warming up then start at 75% of 1rm.  Make sure you drop the bar to reset after the hang power clean.)

10 barbell landmines each side (15lb plate on BB for guys, 5-10 lb plate for ladies)* DEMO
​20 wall ball
30 double-unders or sub

Rest for 3-5 Minutes then..

Row 500 M for time

*Use a wooden block against the wall to set the barbell on.