Monday, July 28, 2014


What is most amazing to me are that some athletes can stay in or near the top ten consistently for years!  Go Spealler!

EMOM 10 minutes
3 Front Squats (@ same weight as last week or 75-80% of 1rm)

4 Rounds
10 Shoulder to OH (95-115/ 65-85)
10 KTE/T2B*

rest exactly 3 minutes - look at the clock

4 rounds
12 Barbell Thruster (45/35)
12 Hollow Rocks

*First round KTe, second T2B etc.   Go ahead ahead and kip these, don't worry so much today about getting every one Rx'd.  Work on your rhythm and your swing.
**Score is total time for everything, including rest.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Iceland Annie at the Games

I hope you enjoyed the CrossFit Games.  Check the updates here!

Spend 15 minutes building to a heavy clean or power clean

Amrap 15 minutes
400m Run
12 ball slams
9 box jumps
6 burpee
3 clean pulls (using weight you finished with for the strength work)

Friday, July 25, 2014


See more here.

Watch the CrossFit Games here.  Be prepared to be impressed.  You can watch the teams, the masters, and the update show, but for coverage of the main events you need to go to

5 rounds for total reps
Max Rep Bench Press (70%)
Sprint 200 m on rower
rest :90

4 minute AMRAP
10 hang db Snatch (5 each side)
5 dips (on rings or parallel bars or parallettes)

-Rest exactly 2 minutes.-

4 minute AMRAP
10 SA Db thruster (5 each side)
5 pull ups

-Rest 2 exactly minutes then repeat the first part again.-

Thursday, July 24, 2014


For warm up, complete not for time:
3 rounds
1:00 plank ​hold
8-12 supine ring rows
12 super man back extension with :2 second pause at the top
15 Band Pull Aparts

6 rounds with partner (one person works while the other rests.) Each person completes 6 sets.
3 Hang Cleans (#115-#135/ #75-#95)

Rest 5 minutes

3 rounds with partner (one person works while the other rests.) E​ach person completes 3 sets.
10 Up Downs (burpee without the push up, goal is to stay as tight as possible
10 deadlift (155/105)
Bear crawl up and back

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


​Complete 3 rounds​ for warm-up, not for time​
:30 L – sit
3-5 jumping bar muscle ups
8 Single Leg Bridges each side


AMRAP 12 minutes
20 tire strikes
15 true push ups
​ *on parallettes​
10 calorie row

Rest 5 minutes

AMRAP 6 Minutes
8 box jumps
12 kbs

Monday, July 21, 2014


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes complete (10 sets total)
Front Squat x3 (use 80% of last weeks 1rm)
+ 4 Vertical Jumps Max Height

4 rounds - Rest 90 rest between rounds, score is fastest round
20 OH walking lunge (45/25-35 bumper plate)
15 V-Ups
200m row


Wow.  The art glass display at the Denver Botanic Gardens is just amazing.

Emom 12 minutes
Complete 3 power cleans (75%-) + 4 burpees over the bar
Wall ball
Chin up
Push press (#115-95/#85-65)

This is actually a full-sized boat full of blown glass!