Tuesday, December 16, 2014


John K, canine search & rescue guy

3 r NFT pike on rower x10, handstand kick-up x10, slam ball over shoulder x10

Snatch drills and skills

Snatch 3s

OHS 3s
not too heavy today, move quickly

OTM 10
Power Clean 2
Box jump 3

heavy-ish and high-ish

Monday, December 15, 2014


Press 5s
Work up to somewhat heavy but not max.  Leave some room to move up next week.
Alternate with pull-ups, weighted or strict 3 sets x 5ish. Ideally all 3 sets with same band/weight

score total reps 
AMREP box jumps (low box, work on chaining together reps, so yes, jump up and jump down)
AMREP push-ups 

This WOD is a great time to practice your box jump technique.  Each set will be as many as you can chain together - bounce off the ground and refocus on top.  Make sure to stand all the way up! 

Snatch prep MOB


Time for a new cycle! We will be focusing on skills and the basic barbell lifts. Time to set some goals for this next three month time period. I will set up a section of the board for GOALS! They need to be singular, measurable, attainable, repeatable, and testable! Choices: power, strength, body composition, speed. (Also a good time to start planning for your Whole 30 Paleo Un-Binge in January.)

Back squat
Work up to 3 sets of 5 at 85%-90% of 1rm FS
Should be relativly light - great time to work on your form.

Experiment with stroke rate and power output.
• 1 minute rowing at a warm-up pace
• 3 minutes at 20 strokes per minute (spm), comfortable effort; 1 minute rest.
• 3 minutes at 22 spm, harder effort; 1 minute rest.
• 3 minutes at 24 spm, comfortable effort; 1 minute rest.
• 3 minutes at 24 spm, harder effort; 1 minute rest.
• 3 minutes steady state rowing at your choice of power and stroke rate. Make note of what pace you settle on, because you will use it next week.

Thursday, December 11, 2014



One more chance to find
Snatch 1 rm.

Dumbbell Bear
OTM 15
5 reps deadlift
5 reps hang power clean - not curls!
5 reps push press

OK to use lighter DB for overhead if needed. Reps may also be scaled but write it down.

Carly, with a surprise PR


Nice, Ana!

20 minutes to find 1 rm Clean
*Most should perform a squat clean

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

Hips and shoulder MWOD - prep for snatch!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


3 Rounds Not For Time
7 Ball Slams*
10 Pikes on Rowers**
12 MB Rotational tosses (6 each side)
**place feet on seat, hands on the floor behind the rower, pike up like a reverse v-up

Back squat 1rm*

Your warm-up sets should look a lot like the deadlift warm-up sets.  

*If you missed Tuesday's deadlift 1rm or the Front Squat 1rm, please make up one of those instead.  If you missed Tuesday's 2000m meter row you may do that too!  

Monday, December 8, 2014


Chris, 50.5 inches by the way

3 rounds not for time
8 DB/KB Deadbugs (KB in hand goes from neutral position to overhead)
10 Back Extensions (superman on ground or GHD Back Extensions
12 Scapular Retractions on the Supine Rings
15 banded good mornings

Find your 1 rep max.
Take 20 minutes to build to heavy 1rm


then rest as needed and row when ready
2000 meter row