Sunday, December 13, 2009

WOD for Monday December 14th

Complete three rounds for time of: Run 800m 155 pound Power cleans, 21 reps

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I've been taking it easy for the last 5/6 days, something cramped up in my back doing the back extensions two weeks and it's taken quite a bit of time on the foam roller to make it relax. As a somewhat well, older athlete, taking time to recover is important, but getting myself not workout can go against the grain. This isn't a good time of year for me not to be exercising, it is too easy to slide back into old bad eating habits and to start feeling the pull of the slothful life on the couch.

Lucky for me I have all of you to inspire me to eat right and keep moving. This week I'll get back to my lifting schedule and scale/modify the WODs to be easy on my back. There's another WOD with back extensions coming up this week, so I'll sub in something else.

That's one of the parts of CrossFit that I love, that I can find substitutions for exercises that currently don't work for me yet I can still get a great workout even if it's not exactly as written.

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