Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday March 6

One of my favorite Crossfit tee-shirt saying is: CrossFit: Training not to Suck at Life Now whatever you think of the casual swearing, it's the message that is important. CrossFit training makes your life easier. When you are stronger, leaner, faster, more flexible and agile, it just makes life better. Knowing that you can get the tasks of daily life done with ease, whatever they are; mucking out stalls, vacuuming, carrying in the groceries, etc. is tremendously liberating. Above and beyond that is getting better at your sport, whatever it is, ultra running, snowboarding, skiing and any martial art, all of these are improved with greater accuracy, cardio conditioning, and explosive power. Training not to suck at life, it's what CrossFit is about. Saturday morning free Workout Of the Day at both 9:00am and for a few weeks 5:00pm

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