Friday, September 3, 2010

Saturday Sept 4 2010

Free WOD AKA workout of the Day, today at 9:00am. All are welcome. These workouts are a lot of fun. There are usually a mixture of both visitors and members.

Fight Gone Bad 5

September 25th 2010

We will be joining with other affiliates in the CrossFit community and running the fight Gone Bad WOD as a Fund Raiser for the Wounded Warriors project and prostate cancer research. Please go to our team page to join the effort and start fund raising for our team. Start here to register, be sure to join our team page.

Sunday's Power lifting WOD at 5:00Pm will be a go, however, Sundays 6:00PM WOD will be Hoover ball in the Park. This is really fun, it's rather like volley ball but using a medicine ball instead. It was developed for President Hoover and there are still actual leagues to play. for information. We are meeting at Left Hand Creek Park.
there will be a pot luck at Alex and Eric Walden's afterwards, 1648 Gillette C, you can park and leave dishes at their house and walk over to the park at 6:00PM.
They have burgers and salad, bring what you like! Walt and Finn get down after the WOD.

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