Friday, October 1, 2010

Saturday October 2, 2010

Free Work Out of the Day @ 9:00am Open to the public all ages are welcome. Last weeks Fight Gone Bad fundraiser at TwinFreaks had athletes from age 10 to 58 all working out together, we raised $951.00 as a gym and almost 1.5 million dollars as an orgnization. If, when you look at a posted workout you think, I could never do that, understand that we do not expect everybody to be able to do the Work Out of the Day as it is written. It might take months, in the case of a young well conditioned athlete, to be able to do the WOD's correctly in the given time frame. If you're older, and maybe have spent a bit too much time sitting behind a desk or staying home with young children or just not taking care of yourself it could take time and dedication to be able to do the WOD as written, but that doesn't mean you then do nothing! We scale the Work outs, by a changing the weight used, or number of rounds, or repetitions within the rounds or all three. People of all ages and abilities do CrossFit not just the elite few uber athletes you might see at the Games.

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