Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday October 10 2010

Sara heads out the door for the firsts round of CrossFit baseball, yesterdays 9:00am WOD. It was Team Emma vs Team Sara. Team Sara won but it was close; a few more seconds and team Emma had four more people finishing up at home base. Every second counts! AMRAP in 20 minutes hit -10/5 pull-ups run 125m 1st base 10/5 burpees run 50m 2nd base 15/10 thrusters run 50m 3rd base 20/15 squats run 20m home base: round one 10 burpees round two 10 KB swings round three 10 broad jumps round four 10 sit-ups score: Team Emma 23 Team Sara 26 Todays workouts are Power lifting @5:00pm and the WOD class at 6:00pm.

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