Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday 21 November 2010

Saturday was an A+ day for TwinFreaks CrossFit athletes: James D took a team down to the Raw Power lifting competition where they all took home 1st. There were several PR's including Jennifer and Darla who both PR'd their Deadlift, James got a total of 915, Squat, deadlift, bench.
Further north at MBS CrossFit's Earn Your Turkey event the team of Adam, Sara and Simi each had a great day. All three PR'd their CrossFit Total; Squat, Deadlift, Press. Sara pr'd her 5K and Adam got first in his division in the 5K and the WOD, and thus won the men's intermediate division.
The final WOD, not announced until after the total, was one round: 15 GTOH, 10 burpee wall jumps, 6' wall, and then either rope climbs 5/3 15' or in the intermediate divisions, 30 rope pull-ups, 10 burpee wall jumps and 15 GTOH. It looked fun and was a true leveler.
MBS put on a great event, well organized and a lot of fun for all involved. Steve and Jim both came down to volunteer and cheer, Margaret came to cheer and heckle.
Super proud of all of you, I'll figure how to get the whole album posted to the site tomorrow.
So rest, go in for the 6:00pm WOD with James or try;
400m run
10 push-up
10 sit-up
10 squat

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