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Wall Ball, Muscle-ups - Post Result
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For Time: 50 Wall Balls 20 lbs 10 Muscle-ups 40 Wall Balls 20 lbs 8 Muscle-ups 30 Wall Balls 20 lbs 6 Muscle-ups 20 Wall Balls 20 lbs 4 Muscle-ups 10 Wall Balls 20 lbs 2 Muscle-ups Post total time.
This is by E Darsh owner of CrossFit Watertown
There’s always something you shouldn’t do, eat, say, read, breathe, etc. The news is full of them, your Facebook stream is full of them, and your mother even calls you up to warn you and try to keep you safe.

Now, in the CrossFit world, the bogeyman can be carbs, or sugar, sometimes alcohol, maybe caffeine, movement flaws, etc. And some folks take good cautions to extremes. Eat the Bogeyman foods and you’ll NEVER lose fat. Get less than 8 hours of sleep and you have FAILED. Do squats with a partial range of motion and you are not A TRUE WARRIOR and you should be BANNED from the CrossFit Kingdom. If CrossFit grows any more, it will suck and DIE.

Or maybe I’m a little overboard here.

Maybe the Chicken Littles are a little overboard too.

Exaggeration is useful for education and humor, but not a lot else.

Life is life. None of us are getting out alive. But we do want to be active and stay active, so eat clean and CrossFit. Listen to the smart voices, pay attention to your gut instinct, and don’t self-flagellate if you slip up here and there. Just recover. You’re going to be okay. Let the bogeyman run to the next person while you get back to your squats.

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