Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday 5/27

Darla and Jenn had a good showing at the NASA meet, with Darla pulling a 270 pound deadlift!  There is no video, so this one from our previous meet will have to do.  There are more meets coming up - a USAPL meet this summer and a NASA meet in August.  Competition is good for the soul.  You will need to focus despite distractions and put it all on the line.  Plus, having a competition looming in your future is a fabulous motivator, and can turn your optional "work-out" into necessary "training".

We have a fit, strong guy signed up for the On-Ramp/Skills class already.  Time to sign up and see if you can beat him!  This session only we will have classes later in the evening to accommodate your schedule.  (Sunday 7pm, Monday 7:30, and Wednesday at 6:30.)  If you sign up with a friend or two, all of you get 20% off.

Clayton and Chris getting ready to join classes. 

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