Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend June 18th and 19th

We had a fun partner WOD today at 9 am.  We did a team WOD from this year's CrossFit competition which involved running with sandbags, plate and kettlebell carry, and more lunges!  I got to jump in on this one and those sandbags are fun!

I (Vanessa) am going camping for a week, so Sunday's 5pm class is canceled, but all other classes are still on.  There is a new 7:30 pm WOD class on Tuesday -- come and try it out!  We are trying an experiment with the 5:30 Tuesday and Thursday classes as training for the barbell lifts.  Several of our members are getting ready for powerlifting meets in July and August.  Members may come to this class to get extra work in and build some strength.  For some of you, the only thing holding you back from performing the WODs as prescribed is a pure lack of strength.  You have the heart and the will, but without the ability to lift the weight, you are undone. Your trainers will provide a program for you!


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