Sunday, July 24, 2011


Lift: Dead Lift
WOD: 2K Row

Think of the 2K as four 500m pieces.  The first two are fine if you keep to your race pace and avoid the "fly and die" of starting too fast.  The last 500 is easy for CrossFitters as they have the pain tolerance and attitude to hang on for two more minutes of work.  Early in the third 500 you'll learn exactly what OBLA, onset of blood lactate accumulation, means.  I've tried disassociating from the pain, staying present, feeling the pain and trying to convince myself it doesn't hurt, and this is the section where I've even tried counting strokes backwards from twenty down.  If find anything better than these, let me know.

Sara earned her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate this weekend.  Her first training was a stellar success as she guided me from the Golden Colorado State Patrol classroom back to I-70, and if she hadn't 5:30 am Monday would probably have been cancelled.

Darla took home the Bronze medal in her weight class at the Colorado State Games Weightlifting meet.


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