Monday, July 25, 2011


For Time: 10 Clean and Jerks (M95/W65)
5 Rounds of Cindy
10 Clean and Jerks (M95/W65)
5 Rounds of Cindy
10 Clean and Jerks (M95/W65)
 *The jerks must be either push jerks or split jerks. No push press or shoulder presses.

Sadly we will soon say good-bye to Eric, Alex, Finn, and Molly Walden.  They'll be continuing their CrossFit careers in Virginia.

A little over two years ago, Alex, Eric, Margaret, and I did "Grindy" in the incredibly hot Walden garage.  It was my idea, and I must have mis-read it because we ended up using 135/95 pounds.  I thought this would be a great good-bye WOD for the Waldens, and I encourage you to scale up to 135/95.

Alex on the garage pull-up bar in beastly heat during the original Grindy.

Greater love hath no man than that he walk a mile with a barbell just because his idiot friend thinks it's a great way to celebrate a birthday.   Eric and I are just about to start the inaugural Barbell Mile.  Finn was going to be born a week later, but Alex followed us on a bicycle screaming encouragement and taking pictures.

Alex was in the gym dead lifting a day or two before Finn was born.  Eric was obviously more afraid than I was that Finn might come into the world on the stall mats, but I was scared enough that I made Finn our first and so far only free lifetime member.

Molly - holding it down and keeping it real.

If you were paying attention, I screwed up the blog last night, so here is a bonus picture of Alex at last year's Colorado CrossFit Games.  Mmmmmmmm, there's just something about a woman rowing!


Alex said...

It has been an honor and a privilege to be associated with the Freaks from the beginning, really from before the beginning!

Where would be be as Waldens without the constant encouragement, camaraderie, ridicule, and hilarity that is our friendship with all of the Freaks!

Whether Finn can recall details of his first year of life among all of you, in that bare box, surrounded by the sounds of awesome, I know that it will be a part of him, as much as I know that it will always be a part of us!

Thank you all so much for your friendship, encouragement, and loyalty. We will never forget.

And don't even think we won't be back to kick your asses on a regular basis!

The Waldens

Alex said...

thanks for the compliment, but the first pic is of magnificent Margaret! Here's a few of our memories from that day!

Alex said...

TwinFreaks CrossFit said...

Affe, I took the first picture from a thumbnail, and I didn't notice it wasn't you until bedtime last night.