Thursday, August 11, 2011



15 Thrusters 95/65
15 Bar-facing Burpees

Someone dropped in today and asked what this all means.  Why do we post this stuff about the WOD and the lift?  One reason is that it is traditional - otherwise known as CrossFit Headquarters has always provided the Work Out of the Day on its blog.  Many people have gotten awesomely fit by following this entirely free programming; I got my start in CrossFit this way.  Another reason is so that if you are traveling or otherwise unable to come to the gym you will be able to do what you can where-ever you are.  For instance, you could grab a large rock, like our buddy Mike Tutkowski has done on camping trips, and use that thing to do something like this WOD.   The most important reason to put up the WOD is not to scare you away (!), but to enable you to prepare for the day's training.  If we are going to run, you know to bring running shoes and sometimes rain gear; if we are going to snatch, you know to bring Oly shoes.  You can think about the weights you are going to use and how to scale the WOD.  (Yes, if you have been sick we encourage you to cut the reps as well as the weight so that you can recover, and we will only tease you a little bit.)  Last but not least, you can check Beyond the Whiteboard to see your weights and times from similar WODs.  This brief description of our programming is just an outline of what will happen in class, however, as our coaches will provide guidance and our athletes will provide the fun.

It's not important that I, JD, beat Todd by one second. It is important that if I didn't have a rabbit to chase, I would have finished in 9:30.  Thanks, Todd.

P.S.  There is an exciting and new CrossFit competition at the Boulder Reservoir Saturday, Sept 10.  It is one of the Sports Series from CFHQ and it is stand-up paddleboarding.  It's $40 a person if you register before September 7th here or $50 in person Sept 10th.  Entry includes: equipment provided by Hobie, competition Cross-Fit style, lunch, beverages, and commemorative Sports Series gear.  I wonder if it's going to be Paleo food and Paleo beer?

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