Thursday, August 25, 2011


Weighted Pull-ups

Kettlebell swing
Box Jump


We are meeting at Sunset Pool 3pm Saturday to celebrate TwinFreak's third anniversary, and mourn the end of summer. Join us! Get my number on Facebook or at the gym so we can find each other.

Schedule changes! Tuesday's evening classes are changing; 5:30 Open Lifting is cancelled, 5:30 will be a WOD classes with On-Ramp at 6:30. We are thinking about messing with the morning/noon schedule, too. We might add a few 9:30 am classes, maybe Monday and Wednesday, and cancel the Wednesday eleven class. Post to comments if you have an opinion about this.

Check the comments for times; Margaret is going to post them up for her classes. VP


Simi Khabra said...

I would probably attend any 9:00 am or 9:30 am classes you have during the week. I'm finding evenings are harder now that Simon is in school.

I'll probably be at the Sunset Pool Party on Sat. I'm no longer on facebook, so e-mail me at if there's a change of plan.

confidential said...

A 8:12 - 5lbs
JD 8:39 - 53#
JW 8:37 - 15#
AL 5:18 - 53#
DW 5:58 - 7.5#
MG 7:19 - 20#
MT 10:05 - 50#
KG 9:17 - 17.5#