Sunday, August 21, 2011


3 Rounds for Time
21 Front Squats 95/65
40 foot Handstand Walk
30 GH Sit-Ups
40 foot Handstand Walk

I noticed Friday during the CF Total that Keith has developed a nice, technically proficient squat.  Maybe the key here is marrying a trainer. JD

P.S. Coach James found this great article by John Welborne on leaning out. John is a pretty smart guy who used to play for the NFL; he invented CrossFit Football. He has gotten himself down to 8.6% body fat at 306 pounds. (!) He did that by avoiding anything that raised his blood sugar over 90, which meant no more cereal or bread. Read more here.  

This CrossFit HQ video is for all the people who came to class on Saturday.  You've been struck by a smooth criminal!  Music by Alien Ant Farm, a cover from Michael Jackson, of course.  VP

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