Friday, September 30, 2011


Try the free CrossFit workout of the day [WOD] at 9 am Saturday.  It will be fun, you will learn something, and you will make a new friend.  If you're interested, you can read about how CrossFit was my exclusive system for achieving an 8.1% body fat percentage here.  During the Friday 5:30 am class, I watched the bodies in motion between the rings, the wall, and the kettlebells.  I realized every one of them looked as good or better than I do.  CrossFit works if you do.  If you want to look like a CrossFitter and develop the physical capacity to back up your new athletic look, we have an On-Ramp class starting Monday that will get you on the way.

Sunday 5 - 6:30 pm join the Sunday Suicide Squad.  When I was working overnight, Sunday at 6 pm was the closest I ever felt to a normal person's Saturday morning.  I started doing a short but brutal WOD then so I could take an "afternoon nap" between about 11 pm and 7 or 8 am Monday when for a few glorious hours once a week I would feel like a Human instead of a zombie.  A few mutants joined me, and the SSS was born.  It's not a great time for me anymore, but I'm a sucker for tradition.  [JD]  This Sunday the SSS will take on "Helen".
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull-Ups

I [VP] have been talking a lot about the importance of recovery.  We have been encouraging all of you to stretch, foam-roll, ball-roll, and flat-out eat better.  You can't come into the gym and hit it hard if you wear your tissues out - you are like a hot-rod, a racehorse ridden hard and put away wet - you need maintenance.  For that reason we are offering various forms of massage - we have two resident Certified Massage Therapists, Darla the Oly lifter and Margaret the Coach.  Also, we have invited in Randy Burgess of For Your Health Tui Na to demo his technique for tips.  Look for Randy in class, maybe he can give you hope for that squeaky shoulder.

Speaking of recovery, eating better does make a difference.  We are going to start another Paleo challenge in mid-October, so that you can be done by Thanksgiving. ;)  Here is some preliminary reading from Robb Wolf, superstar Paleo dude, as seen on TV.     More details will follow, but there will be prizes and performance benchmarks!   We will not kick you off the island if you fall face-first into a vat of brownies, but you will get points for good food choices.  This is not a weight loss challenge!  You can gain muscle or lose fat depending on how you approach this.

Photo-intelligence.  I'm looking at the barbell:person ratio here and thinking this must have been the dead lift and thruster finisher.  We did that in about the same time it takes to warm up the DVD player and get the same old P90X program ready to slog through yet again.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Addendum:  A massage therapist named Randy who uses Tui Na is going to visit our gym soon to demo his technique.  As a special deal to TwinFreaks members he will offer his massage for tips only!  Oddly enough, he has independently discovered how awesome Lacrosse balls are for self-message.

AMRAP 20 min
2 Muscle ups (MU)
4 Hand Stand Push-ups (HSPU)
8 Kettlebell swings

This WOD uses a heavier than usual kettlebell.  As usual, if you can't do MUs, you will work on a MU progression like this one from Carl Paoli.  This gymnastics website has a bunch of fabulous progressions and skill work to improve your CrossFit.

We worked on our Double-Unders today.   The key for getting your own is to work on that solid tight body position and also to practice everyday.  You can buy your own jump rope here or here!

The standard CrossFit pull-up is a kipping pull-up.  You use your whole body to propel yourself over the bar over and over again - this a metabolic monster!  The kip is to the strict pull-up as a barbell jerk is to a strict press.  We have a standard kip (video from CrossFit HQ) and a butterfly kip, which is even more taxing and much faster.  Watch Chris Spealler teach the butterfly kip here

Our logo artist, Josh R

The Zen Planner website and login.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lift: Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
3 Rounds for Time
50 Double Unders
25 "2 fer 1" Wall Ball Shots 20/14

I don't like whipping my feet with a jump rope and catching a medicine ball with my face either.  You can watch me with thick socks and a six pound ball at 6:30 pm.  Actually back rolling with a med ball is fun enough to make up for the rope whip, and I won't laugh at you if you don't laugh at me.

Dave and I were ready to try minimalist shoes but weren't ready for Five Fingers.  Dave got New Balance; I got Merrills after both of us tried both of them.  I much preferred the sole on the New Balance, but I have round feet and I decided to trade some lateral stability for a heavenly toe compartment.  After testing them on "Badger" today, I'm happy.  They'll never be lifting shoes, but they were much better than my spongy running shoes for high-rep light squat cleans, and they performed as advertised on the 3 x 800m run.  Both the Merrills and the NB more or less force the runner to be on the front of the foot.  For me having not practiced it's a little unnatural, but it ends up feeling good to me and while I'm not suddenly lightning-fast, I'm not any slower than I was heel banging.

This unidentified person doesn't like attention and sometimes asks not to be photographed.  Really, what am I supposed to do when confronted with pig tails and overhead squats?

Our new crop of On-Rampers is almost ready to jump into the regular schedule.  Our next On-Rampers will start Monday, October 3rd.  You want the Halloween candy, earn it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


3 Rounds for Time
30 Cleans (squat) 95/65
30 Pull-Ups
800m Run

Why do I feel this coming on at 5:30 am again?

The next On-Ramp series will start on Monday, October 3rd.  CrossFit starts when the excuses stop.

TFCF: we were awesome before we became good looking.

Scaling - sometimes, like today, I [JD] like to put up a WOD without writing prescribed weights.  This is not so much laziness on my part as a desire to see what happens.  I saw some people do thrusters with weights others were dead lifting.  I did not see anyone take more than five minutes for today's finisher, and I didn't see anyone saying it was too easy.  Sometimes you turn off the brain and throw barbells.  This stuff can be as fun and easy as it is effective.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Donna just got her big-girl push-ups!
Clean & Jerk

prowler pushes or coachs' choice

There have been some exiting things happening at the gym lately.  If you haven't come in lately, you should check it out!  We are now offering massage with Darla or Coach Margaret.  Darla is now offering Rossiter coaching, which is kind of like having Kelly Starett stretch you, but not as painful.

P.S.  We have many items in the lost and found including many water bottle, a "Semester at Sea" t-shirt, and someone's shoes from Saturday.

Saturdays are always fun!  Especially if you like a good 30 minute shellacking.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65

I [JD] have five or six candidates for favortite WOD of all time, and Nancy is not one of them, but I really, really like her.  Nancy cuts right to the essence of CrossFit.  Running is fairly easy, and overhead squats are entirely reasonable, but simply putting the two together creates a varied, highly effective work out.

Aimee shows a beautiful squat.  Chest up, butt back and the spine stays in extension all the way to the bottom position.  Most of us are going to get some anterior pelvis tilt towards the bottom, but this is what we're constantly striving for.

After Saturday's wonderful free work out, some of you expressed interest in the Turkey Challenge at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield.  I only know that Pat Burke puts on fun events, and that Adam, Sara, and Simi went last year and had a blast.  If one or more of you register, I'm sure we can send one or more of our awesome trainers with you for coaching, moral support, and post-event eating.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox

Let's celebrate the first day of Fall!

As usual, we have a free community workout on Saturday at 9 am.  We will have a group warm-up, some drills, and a longer WOD.  This is again your weekly chance to see how to radically improve your fitness alongside our hard-working, committed members.   

James, pre-before
As bad as anyone, but it's never hopeless -  

James, a full 21 days before the official after.  Developing abs because everyone has a Smartphone and an "up" arrow.  See your own results, or post your excuses for not joining us to comments.
The Sunday Suicide Squad will continue with the 5 - 6:30 pm express format.  For the next several weeks we'll be benchmarking the "girls."  If you want to know how you compare to the elite, or how you compare to yourself six months ago, this is for you.  We'll be starting with "Helen" if James wants to run, or "Christine" if James wants to row.  Ah, screw it, we're doing "Christine."

Thursday, September 22, 2011


1000m row
50 Burpees
50 Box Jumps
800 meter run

One of our new athletes, Jennifer Piggott, is going to be running the Rock 'n' Roll half-marathon in Denver soon.  Jessica Castle is gearing up for a half-ironman next summer.  Get in touch with them if you are interested in racing or training together.   They both just finished the On-Ramp in personal training and will be joining our regular classes.   Good job, ladies!

Jessica C
not heel striking

Coach Margaret just took CrossFit's Endurance Seminar; she can help you with a smart training program for distance races which will complement your CrossFit training and allow you to get ready without the long hours traditional training requires.  Check out CrossFit Endurance's webpage here.   Plus, you may have noticed that Coach D is rowing a lot; he is also following that program and can help you implement it for your own sport.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


21 Dead Lifts 225/155
50 Squats
21 Push Press 135/95
15 Dead Lifts
50 Squats
15 Push Press
9 Dead Lifts
50 Squats
9 Push Press

It looks delicious to me anyway.

My reflexes were slow; Todd was all the way at the top of the rope.

I was wondering this morning why despite my anti-social tendencies I like everyone at CrossFit.  I had one of those epiphanous moments - absolutely nobody who CrossFits is boring.  The boring people are in bed during morning classes, hating their cubicle lives during mid-day classes, and I would guess they're probably at the bingo hall during evening classes.  Come in soon, and say hi to whoever is suffering across from you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Thrusters 95/65

The intent here today is to approach Rx.  So if you can't do the prescribed weight, use a weight you can do for 5-6 reps.

Watch Spealer tear through Fran in this video from the archives.  He was the first person to do butterfly pull-ups; people doubted that it could be done with a straight pull-up bar.  Now all CrossFit Games competitors do them.  This was when CrossFit Park City was just a couple of friend working out in a globo gym.

Here's a cool video, an ad for Adidas and CrossFit.

General Adaptation Syndrome
1) stressor

When the gym looks like this at 5:30 am, and there's one in the restroom by the way,
2) Adaptation

the gym has to grow more mats to compensate.

I've heard this also applies to the Human body in that consistently doing CrossFit WODS and lifting force the body to look, feel, and function better.  Let me know if this works.

Monday, September 19, 2011



Now that you are getting yourself off sugar, get your cat off it, too!  Catkins   More about feline diabetes and treating it with a high-protein diet here.

We spent some time today practicing our kettlebell snatch and working on our technique.  This is a skill we don't often work on as it doesn't come up that much on the main page programming.  However, it is something every CrossFitter should be good at; it really sucks to be bad at it when it does come up!  Plus, once you get it, the snatch is a lot of fun.  Feel free to add this to your warm-up and do ten reps on each arm every day; you will get very smooth with the heavier kettlebells.  I saw a bunch of improvement today.  Scott and Clayton were each able to snatch the 1 1/2 pood kettlebell (53 pounds) for the first time! 

New girl Ali gets her rope climb!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


New 9:30 am class! 

Kettlebell snatch practice
Bench Press

Rope climb
10 Ring Dips
20 Wall Ball Shots

How sugar fries your tissues.  A good description of AGE's (sorry about the fresh-baked bread description - erk - sometimes going Paleo makes me feel like an ex-smoker in a bar.)

A guide to various sweeteners plus a link to a 21-day sugar detox program.

A funny story about a serious junk-food bender.

Why we don't punish you when you mess up your 30-day Paleo challenge.  Although I do like the burpee penalty for being late - you sure get warmed-up fast!

Nice shoes, guys!
Andrew and Hricko 

Friday, September 16, 2011


Saturday 9 am
Open to everyone! Free community workout! Come and experience the suck! This Saturday we are doing Fight Gone Bad. Don't worry, no one will be hitting you while you do this workout. It was designed to mimic the metabolic demands of a mixed martial arts fight (MMA). This is a fundraiser for the Special Ops Warriors Foundation, Camp Patriot, and ISR ( “Not One More Child Drowns”). The workout is free, but we ask that you donate online to RapidGiving's fundraising site. My page is, or you can donate to our team by making your own page.

Fight Gone Bad is:

Three rounds of:

Wall-ball, 20 pound ball 10 ft target (Reps),
Sumo deadlift high-pull 75 pounds (Reps),
Box Jump, 20" box (Reps),
Push-press 75 pounds (Reps),
Row (Calories).
1 minute rest in between rounds.

Good things about FGB:
1) it takes 17 minutes, and 2 of them are rest
2) it invariably brings out everyone's best performance

Bad things about FGB:
1) it hurts, but that's okay because it's really a good thing

Sunday 5-6:30 pm
the Sunday Suicide Squad has been changed to an express format.  The work out starts at 6:05.  Come in at 5 to lift, row, mobilize or warm up as needed.  You can come in at 6 for the work out only, but you have 5 minutes to warm up.

If you're pursuing the row at 5 option, it's PR your 2k followed by a couple 500m repeats to insure you get some quality work in.  And if you've ever wondered why the erg sits here, it's exactly centered between the speakers.  If you've ever wondered why the monitor stands straight up on the PM3, it's because craning the neck is every bit as bad rowing as it is deadlifting.  If you've ever wondered why the stretcher is set on 1, it's because James has girlie feet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Open to everyone!  Free community workout!  Come and experience the suck!  This Saturday we are doing Fight Gone Bad.  Don't worry, no one will be hitting you while you do this workout.  It was designed to mimic the metabolic demands of a mixed martial arts fight (MMA).  This is a fundraiser for the Special Ops Warriors Foundation, Camp Patriot, and ISR ( “Not One More Child Drowns”).   The workout is free, but we ask that you donate online to RapidGiving's fundraising site.  My page is here, or you can donate to our team by making your own page.

Snatch Balance

Plus a little finisher.

At the intersection of the Paleo solution and the nourishing traditions of the Weston A. Price Foundation is where we get magic!  Meals that satisfy, liver and other organ meats, healthy fats, fermented foods, and support for small farmers.  Paleo people might learn how to ferment food and WAPers might get off gluten and everybody would benefit.  More here with some good links to even further reading.

Read about CrossFit's mobility guru Kelly Starett in Competitor Magazine and other magazines.  You need to be able to maintain your own tissues - unglue your business!

Coach James has been on a roll with his blog lately - check it out.  Mature audiences.

Clayton has a nice no-legs rope climb, but he learned a leg-wrap and used it to good advantage during the WOD.  Don't get caught with no options!

Kellie also demoed her no-legs climb - but sadly this is not it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


For Time
20 Calorie Row
30 Burpees
40 Two-Arm DB Ground to Overhead
50 Toes to Bar
100 foot Walking Lunge 45/25
150 foot Sprint
Next time I will remember to trim my callouses before doing pull-ups and kettlebell swings.  It was my day to do 100 pull-ups.  I've never done that before, and it was worth the rips.  Thanks to the AM crew, Andrew, Audrey, and Jessica for being there with me.

Audrey having no problems on the rope.  Notice that it's not quite light out yet.  These morning people are tough.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


100 Pull Ups
100 KB Swings 24/16
100 Double Unders
100 Overhead Squats 95/65

Tomorrow will be the day I finally remember to trim my callouses before doing pull-ups and swings.

Monday, September 12, 2011


 Tonight's CrossFit Kids is cancelled!  Friday's class will go on as usual.

Push Jerk
2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (9x2)

There will be a little WOD for a cash-out, or you may push the prowler.  (Evil laugh here!)

This is a good day to work on your double-unders.

My daughter showed me how she can do a strict full-range of motion pull-up!
Here she is with her sister.

A bit of fun reading about a possible pain solution. 

Are you skeptical when I tell people to eat eggs and to make sure to get enough fat


Sunday, September 11, 2011


7 Rounds for Time
10 DB Hang Split Snatch Right 40/30
15 Foot Rope Climb
10 DB Hang Split Snatch Left 40/30
15 Foot Rope Climb

Andrew testing out the squat cage.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


team workout with Margaret

Members are welcome after 5:00 pm to Open Gym to practice clean and jerk or snatch or lift heavy, until about 6:00 pm then we will have a shorter, intense WOD with the Sunday Suicide Squad. Come and workout with James!

The kids are getting pretty good with the barbells!
You do not have to be a member for your child to attend CrossFit Kids.
Kids can start anytime, with one free-trial class to test the waters.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Power Clean


DB Thruster
KB Swing
Pull Ups

This is a true max effort day. Warm up gradually with good attention to technique, then start your singles with a weight you know you can do for a triple.  Give yourself some time to recover, then hit the next one hard.  You should be as spent from this as if you had just run 10K. VP

Check out those kettlebells!  24 kg or 53 pounds!  Each!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Lift: Dead Lift

Dead Lift 315/225
Box Jumps 30"/24"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Saturday, September 17, we'll be hosting Fight Gone Bad 6.  Do what you have to do now to be able to come in for this.  It's way too good to miss.

From CrossFit Verve:
September is a month to remember. This Sunday September 11th will mark the 10-year anniversary of the events that took place on 9/11. Every year several memorials are held to honor the lives lost on that tragic day. West Metro Fire Department will be hosting a memorial stair climb for the 3rd year in a row at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It is an un-timed walk aimed at using physical activity to remember the events and people of September 11th. The route of the walk is designed to equal the 110 stories of the World Trade Center’s twin towers. If you are a fire fighter it is encouraged for you to get permission from your department to wear your gear during this walk.
There is a registration fee of $25.00 that goes to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. All the necessary information can be found at Please add to comments if you will be joining so we know who to look out for Sunday morning. Proceeds with go to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation. Join hundreds of people remembering the victims of 911. Register here.

Post to comments if you are interested in making this your WOD for the day. We could meet in the parking lot at 7 am.

Margaret is attending a CrossFit endurance seminar the weekend of Sept 17th at CrossFit Roots in Boulder. Anyone may attend this class - you don't need to be a trainer or a member of any gym. You just need to be interested in running with smarter programming and better mechanics - thus more efficiently and with fewer injuries! More here.

We have changed the schedule around recently. We now have a 9:30 am class three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but we have canceled some 11 am classes. Please check here on our schedule page before coming to class.  Also, we have dropped the 6:30 pm WOD class on Tuesday so James can get up at 5 am. 

I understand it's tough to get here - you have to get off work in time for class, drive in rush-hour traffic, make dinner, feed your children, help them with their homework, drop the children off or pick them up, run errands, and the give your family a quick kiss on the way out the door. You are doing the toughest part of the WOD before you even get here! On a related note, the early morning classes are getting some good energy with new people - this is a fabulous way to get your workout done and out of the way.
I am considering adding back one 6:30 pm class.  Post to comments if you need that 6:30 pm class - and which day. VP

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



50 Pull-ups
10 Burpees
40 Pull-ups
20 Burpees
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
40 Burpees
10 Pull-ups
50 Burpees

This is one hundred and fifty pull-ups and burpees.  I hope it is clear by now that we will not make everyone do all three-hundred reps!   However, you may be surprised at how many reps you can do if you give yourself a chance.

We have a new crop of beginners in the On-Ramp class and they had a fun time tonight!  They are going to log all their food for 30 days as part of the On-Ramp curriculum.  We are encouraging them to eat meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, some starch, no sugar - just real food without highly processed junk.  When we take a tiny grain, breed it to be super productive with extra proteins, grind it up in a powder, mix it with sugar and conditioners (?), and then bake it and wrap it in plastic, we have highly processed junk! 

The rest of us could try this too.  See what it's doing for James and read about his experience logging his food and doing CrossFit like he means it here but don't let any children read over your shoulder.  Like Robb Wolf says, hookers and cocaine will still be there after thirty days if it doesn't work out. VP

"At some point, probably one of those annoying 30 day challenges, Mike D decided to try the Paleo diet, and I decided not to. Two weeks in I was consistently beating Mike, and I did what I do in those situations: I laughed derisively and suggested he eat a few bowls of oatmeal. But at the three and four week marks, Mike was outperforming me consistently. Like everyone his body just needed a few weeks to adapt to metabolizing fat, aka diesel fuel, instead of sugar, and then he was off to the races.

I was at first reluctant to follow Mike because I thought the Paleo diet was both fanatical and faddish. Who the **** doesn't eat donuts? 

Monday, September 5, 2011


Don't feel guilty or anything, but I know who was here Monday and who wasn't.  If you need to atone for a missed work out, this would be a good day to do it.

Muscle Up
Squat Snatch 135/95

One year ago, Finn's torso was about as long as my hand.  Now he's walking.  Take a cue from Finn - see what you can accomplish in a year.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monday, Labor Day

We have your labor covered at 9:30 am only.

1,000m Run
     30 Hand Stand Push-Ups
1,000m Row

All other classes are cancelled, but e-mail  if you want to get in a late afternoon erging session.  There's one of me and four ergs.  Who wants it?

Two On-Ramps are starting right after Labor Day.  Morning class at 6:30 am MWR and evening class at 7:30 M, 6:30 T, and 7:30 R.  Returning students get their first month 20% off for a short time!

Thanks for doing wall balls and burpees with me Thursday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend of Labor Day

This Monday, Labor Day, we will be having one class ONLY at 9:30.   The gym will be closed at all other classes times.  Saturday and Sunday will be going on as usual.

Sunday 6 pm

5 rounds for time:

5 Power Cleans 185/120 lbs
20 Double Unders

Two On-Ramps are starting right after Labor Day.  Morning class at 6:30 am MWR and evening class at 7:30 M, 6:30 T, and 7:30 R.  Returning students get their first month 20% off for a short time!

Santa Monica Police Department SWAT officer Scott McGee has helped his department adopt CrossFit methodologies and training with great results.  Here's why and what they got out of it.  This can only be viewed with a CrossFit Journal subscription which is $25 including all back issues.  However you can find a brief teaser at under Saturday 110903.  This article about police training is free! VP

Jolie Gentry, SWAT officer and winner of the inaugural CrossFit games

Thursday, September 1, 2011



15 chest to bar pull-ups
30 second ring L-sit hold

We are a gym that mostly follows the main site ( WODs.  Substantial variation is built into this programming.  For instance Wednesday's WOD was pure met-con (metabolic conditioning.)  It was a matter of feeling your heart beat like a wild animal trying to escape from your chest, gasping for air, and pushing on through with one more rep and one more rep and one more rep.  Today's WOD is going to be more of a pacing issue as you wait for your strength to come back in between sets.  Saturday's WOD is going to demand that you keep power output high for an extended time.

For a short time we are offering a 20% discount on your first month back for returning former clients.  If you have been watching the blog, thinking that you should really get back into CrossFit, this is for you!   If you have been out for more than six months you should take the On-Ramp again to refresh the skills you learned the first time and also give us a chance to ramp up your WOD intensity as you build consistency.

In September we have two On-Ramps:  am   6:30 MWR
                                                             pm   7:30 M, 6:30 T, 7:30 R

They both start after Labor Day.