Thursday, September 1, 2011



15 chest to bar pull-ups
30 second ring L-sit hold

We are a gym that mostly follows the main site ( WODs.  Substantial variation is built into this programming.  For instance Wednesday's WOD was pure met-con (metabolic conditioning.)  It was a matter of feeling your heart beat like a wild animal trying to escape from your chest, gasping for air, and pushing on through with one more rep and one more rep and one more rep.  Today's WOD is going to be more of a pacing issue as you wait for your strength to come back in between sets.  Saturday's WOD is going to demand that you keep power output high for an extended time.

For a short time we are offering a 20% discount on your first month back for returning former clients.  If you have been watching the blog, thinking that you should really get back into CrossFit, this is for you!   If you have been out for more than six months you should take the On-Ramp again to refresh the skills you learned the first time and also give us a chance to ramp up your WOD intensity as you build consistency.

In September we have two On-Ramps:  am   6:30 MWR
                                                             pm   7:30 M, 6:30 T, 7:30 R

They both start after Labor Day.

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confidential said...

TiT 4+10
ToT 7+5
AL 6+12
JW 6+9
JC 5:30 beg
DW 4+10
RF 5+4
MT 5+10
JW 6+1
CH 5
SB 8+3