Thursday, September 15, 2011


Open to everyone!  Free community workout!  Come and experience the suck!  This Saturday we are doing Fight Gone Bad.  Don't worry, no one will be hitting you while you do this workout.  It was designed to mimic the metabolic demands of a mixed martial arts fight (MMA).  This is a fundraiser for the Special Ops Warriors Foundation, Camp Patriot, and ISR ( “Not One More Child Drowns”).   The workout is free, but we ask that you donate online to RapidGiving's fundraising site.  My page is here, or you can donate to our team by making your own page.

Snatch Balance

Plus a little finisher.

At the intersection of the Paleo solution and the nourishing traditions of the Weston A. Price Foundation is where we get magic!  Meals that satisfy, liver and other organ meats, healthy fats, fermented foods, and support for small farmers.  Paleo people might learn how to ferment food and WAPers might get off gluten and everybody would benefit.  More here with some good links to even further reading.

Read about CrossFit's mobility guru Kelly Starett in Competitor Magazine and other magazines.  You need to be able to maintain your own tissues - unglue your business!

Coach James has been on a roll with his blog lately - check it out.  Mature audiences.

Clayton has a nice no-legs rope climb, but he learned a leg-wrap and used it to good advantage during the WOD.  Don't get caught with no options!

Kellie also demoed her no-legs climb - but sadly this is not it.

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