Thursday, September 29, 2011


Addendum:  A massage therapist named Randy who uses Tui Na is going to visit our gym soon to demo his technique.  As a special deal to TwinFreaks members he will offer his massage for tips only!  Oddly enough, he has independently discovered how awesome Lacrosse balls are for self-message.

AMRAP 20 min
2 Muscle ups (MU)
4 Hand Stand Push-ups (HSPU)
8 Kettlebell swings

This WOD uses a heavier than usual kettlebell.  As usual, if you can't do MUs, you will work on a MU progression like this one from Carl Paoli.  This gymnastics website has a bunch of fabulous progressions and skill work to improve your CrossFit.

We worked on our Double-Unders today.   The key for getting your own is to work on that solid tight body position and also to practice everyday.  You can buy your own jump rope here or here!

The standard CrossFit pull-up is a kipping pull-up.  You use your whole body to propel yourself over the bar over and over again - this a metabolic monster!  The kip is to the strict pull-up as a barbell jerk is to a strict press.  We have a standard kip (video from CrossFit HQ) and a butterfly kip, which is even more taxing and much faster.  Watch Chris Spealler teach the butterfly kip here

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confidential said...

AL 11+1
AB 11+1
JW 10+2+2
TT 13
DW 9+2=4
JC 12+2
A 7
MH 6+2+4
JM 11+2+4+2
SS 12+1
JD 7
CH 10