Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox

Let's celebrate the first day of Fall!

As usual, we have a free community workout on Saturday at 9 am.  We will have a group warm-up, some drills, and a longer WOD.  This is again your weekly chance to see how to radically improve your fitness alongside our hard-working, committed members.   

James, pre-before
As bad as anyone, but it's never hopeless -  

James, a full 21 days before the official after.  Developing abs because everyone has a Smartphone and an "up" arrow.  See your own results, or post your excuses for not joining us to comments.
The Sunday Suicide Squad will continue with the 5 - 6:30 pm express format.  For the next several weeks we'll be benchmarking the "girls."  If you want to know how you compare to the elite, or how you compare to yourself six months ago, this is for you.  We'll be starting with "Helen" if James wants to run, or "Christine" if James wants to row.  Ah, screw it, we're doing "Christine."

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Eric Walden said...

Nice Blackberry Coach!