Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lift: Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
3 Rounds for Time
50 Double Unders
25 "2 fer 1" Wall Ball Shots 20/14

I don't like whipping my feet with a jump rope and catching a medicine ball with my face either.  You can watch me with thick socks and a six pound ball at 6:30 pm.  Actually back rolling with a med ball is fun enough to make up for the rope whip, and I won't laugh at you if you don't laugh at me.

Dave and I were ready to try minimalist shoes but weren't ready for Five Fingers.  Dave got New Balance; I got Merrills after both of us tried both of them.  I much preferred the sole on the New Balance, but I have round feet and I decided to trade some lateral stability for a heavenly toe compartment.  After testing them on "Badger" today, I'm happy.  They'll never be lifting shoes, but they were much better than my spongy running shoes for high-rep light squat cleans, and they performed as advertised on the 3 x 800m run.  Both the Merrills and the NB more or less force the runner to be on the front of the foot.  For me having not practiced it's a little unnatural, but it ends up feeling good to me and while I'm not suddenly lightning-fast, I'm not any slower than I was heel banging.

This unidentified person doesn't like attention and sometimes asks not to be photographed.  Really, what am I supposed to do when confronted with pig tails and overhead squats?

Our new crop of On-Rampers is almost ready to jump into the regular schedule.  Our next On-Rampers will start Monday, October 3rd.  You want the Halloween candy, earn it.

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Eric Walden said...

My Merrells are still going strong over 6 months in. Use them for most everything except heavy OLY.

Running a 5k mountain race next weekend to train for the Tough Mudder, should be fun!