Monday, September 19, 2011



Now that you are getting yourself off sugar, get your cat off it, too!  Catkins   More about feline diabetes and treating it with a high-protein diet here.

We spent some time today practicing our kettlebell snatch and working on our technique.  This is a skill we don't often work on as it doesn't come up that much on the main page programming.  However, it is something every CrossFitter should be good at; it really sucks to be bad at it when it does come up!  Plus, once you get it, the snatch is a lot of fun.  Feel free to add this to your warm-up and do ten reps on each arm every day; you will get very smooth with the heavier kettlebells.  I saw a bunch of improvement today.  Scott and Clayton were each able to snatch the 1 1/2 pood kettlebell (53 pounds) for the first time! 

New girl Ali gets her rope climb!

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