Tuesday, September 27, 2011


3 Rounds for Time
30 Cleans (squat) 95/65
30 Pull-Ups
800m Run

Why do I feel this coming on at 5:30 am again?

The next On-Ramp series will start on Monday, October 3rd.  CrossFit starts when the excuses stop.

TFCF: we were awesome before we became good looking.

Scaling - sometimes, like today, I [JD] like to put up a WOD without writing prescribed weights.  This is not so much laziness on my part as a desire to see what happens.  I saw some people do thrusters with weights others were dead lifting.  I did not see anyone take more than five minutes for today's finisher, and I didn't see anyone saying it was too easy.  Sometimes you turn off the brain and throw barbells.  This stuff can be as fun and easy as it is effective.

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