Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend of Labor Day

This Monday, Labor Day, we will be having one class ONLY at 9:30.   The gym will be closed at all other classes times.  Saturday and Sunday will be going on as usual.

Sunday 6 pm

5 rounds for time:

5 Power Cleans 185/120 lbs
20 Double Unders

Two On-Ramps are starting right after Labor Day.  Morning class at 6:30 am MWR and evening class at 7:30 M, 6:30 T, and 7:30 R.  Returning students get their first month 20% off for a short time!

Santa Monica Police Department SWAT officer Scott McGee has helped his department adopt CrossFit methodologies and training with great results.  Here's why and what they got out of it.  This can only be viewed with a CrossFit Journal subscription which is $25 including all back issues.  However you can find a brief teaser at under Saturday 110903.  This article about police training is free! VP

Jolie Gentry, SWAT officer and winner of the inaugural CrossFit games

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