Friday, September 30, 2011


Try the free CrossFit workout of the day [WOD] at 9 am Saturday.  It will be fun, you will learn something, and you will make a new friend.  If you're interested, you can read about how CrossFit was my exclusive system for achieving an 8.1% body fat percentage here.  During the Friday 5:30 am class, I watched the bodies in motion between the rings, the wall, and the kettlebells.  I realized every one of them looked as good or better than I do.  CrossFit works if you do.  If you want to look like a CrossFitter and develop the physical capacity to back up your new athletic look, we have an On-Ramp class starting Monday that will get you on the way.

Sunday 5 - 6:30 pm join the Sunday Suicide Squad.  When I was working overnight, Sunday at 6 pm was the closest I ever felt to a normal person's Saturday morning.  I started doing a short but brutal WOD then so I could take an "afternoon nap" between about 11 pm and 7 or 8 am Monday when for a few glorious hours once a week I would feel like a Human instead of a zombie.  A few mutants joined me, and the SSS was born.  It's not a great time for me anymore, but I'm a sucker for tradition.  [JD]  This Sunday the SSS will take on "Helen".
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull-Ups

I [VP] have been talking a lot about the importance of recovery.  We have been encouraging all of you to stretch, foam-roll, ball-roll, and flat-out eat better.  You can't come into the gym and hit it hard if you wear your tissues out - you are like a hot-rod, a racehorse ridden hard and put away wet - you need maintenance.  For that reason we are offering various forms of massage - we have two resident Certified Massage Therapists, Darla the Oly lifter and Margaret the Coach.  Also, we have invited in Randy Burgess of For Your Health Tui Na to demo his technique for tips.  Look for Randy in class, maybe he can give you hope for that squeaky shoulder.

Speaking of recovery, eating better does make a difference.  We are going to start another Paleo challenge in mid-October, so that you can be done by Thanksgiving. ;)  Here is some preliminary reading from Robb Wolf, superstar Paleo dude, as seen on TV.     More details will follow, but there will be prizes and performance benchmarks!   We will not kick you off the island if you fall face-first into a vat of brownies, but you will get points for good food choices.  This is not a weight loss challenge!  You can gain muscle or lose fat depending on how you approach this.

Photo-intelligence.  I'm looking at the barbell:person ratio here and thinking this must have been the dead lift and thruster finisher.  We did that in about the same time it takes to warm up the DVD player and get the same old P90X program ready to slog through yet again.

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