Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wall ball 20/14
Kettlebell swings 24/16

What is this Paleo thing anyway and why should I care? An overview plus details.  Robb Wolf says, "In simple terms the paleo diet is built from modern foods that (to the best of our ability) emulate the foods available to our pre-agricultural ancestors: Meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots, tubers and nuts. On the flip-side we see an omission of grains, legumes and dairy. As this is directed to folks new to the paleo diet idea we need to address the “What Abouts.” This is the seemingly endless list of ingredients that folks ask: “What about artificial sweeteners, agave nectar, red wine…” In simple terms, if it’s not meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots tubers or nuts…it’s a “no-go.” At least initially. I like to see people go after paleo strictly in the beginning so we get the best possible results, then folks can tinker from there. I’ve detailed all of this information in my FAQ shopping and food guide, and quick start guides. These are all available for free (you do not need to buy the book to get any of the information) and it details all of the special considerations of autoimmunity, fat loss, athletic performance and muscle gain."

A good recipe for Paleo Shepherd's pie with cauliflower from the authors of Paleo Comfort Foods.  "My family grew up eating a version of shepherd’s pie. Yes, the mashed potato topping might have included instant mashed potatoes, but that’s okay. My mom meant well.  As we may or may not always have a bunch of lamb on hand, this is an easy recipe to make with ground meat or even a combination of meat and lamb…which is exactly what we did with the goodies US Wellness Meats shipped us!"


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