Thursday, October 20, 2011


Weighted Pull-ups

5 rounds for time
9 thrusters 45/65
9 pull-ups

Skip explains Event 3 - kettlebell thrusters!

Remember the Paleo Challenge Check-In on Saturday!  Make sure to bring your own utensils and plates.   Everybody is welcome, not just the people who are signed up for the Challenge.  Bring your friends and share the yumminess.   More in yesterday's post.

 All of you who are doing the Paleo challenge, remember to eat enough so that you are not hungry.  It is important to eat plenty of fat, too: fat is necessary for the fat-soluble vitamins, to maintain healthy skin and hair, and to provide satiety.  Eat until you are full: you are eating good quality food, maybe for the first time, and your body may really need the nutrients in that food.  Plus, being hungry is just going to tempt you to cheat.  Be prepared with good snacks.  If you find yourself tempted by the bagels at work or that bake sale or that tamale, you can at least eat those emergency nuts or coconut oil or jerky.

  I really don't want you to starve yourself for a month and then go completely nuts with a whole pizza, a pan of brownies, and a gallon of ice cream! VP

Check out Everyday Paleo with Sarah Fragoso.  Good recipes and tips on living Paleo with kids and staying sane.

Another good blog to check out is Paleo Diet Lifestyle - it has recipes, too!  Here is an article about different fats to eat.


Atalanta Rising said...

hahah! Outdoor market is over; tamale guy and awesome baker that made the beer caramels are gone, so I'm safe. I think. Indoor market is in another week, though. :-)

SarahH said...

I'm late on Thursday's food, but I'll leave it anyway.
Breakfast: Two egg muffins and two slices of bacon.

Lunch: Leftover gingery broccoli (1/2 C) and beef (3/4 C) w/ cauliflower rice (1/2 C)

Snackage: Handful of almonds & later on an apple

Dinner: "peanut" Chicken (1/2 C) and broccoli (1/2 C) and brussels sprouts (1/3 C)

Vanessa said...

Good. Better late than never!

Atalanta Rising said...

24oz americano

6oz of chicken/bacon, mixed with:
.5c sauteed mushrooms
1C cooked broccoli

1 tin baby clams
1.5C avocado/black olives

4oz chicken
cabbage/onion/fresh mint
24 oz h2o

2 Tbs cashew butter
,25C coconut flakes

Chelsea said...

Breakfast--smoothie with banana, blueberry, almond milk, egg
Lunch--indian ground beef, roasted cauliflower and peas, fresh spinach, coffee, water
Dinner--sashimi, seaweed salad, sauted broccoli and bok choy, water
After dinner--hot tea