Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Colorado Master's Open WOD #4
Power Snatch 95/65
Side-to-Side Hops 12"

Margaret 7:58
James 7:54

During the Open, WOD #4 terrified me more so than any of the others.  In addition to my jumpphobia, I was fatigued, suffering significant DOMS, and I was getting cramps in my calves and feet.  When my heat was called, I ran out, smiled and pretended I was ready to go, but I had no idea if I'd finish slowly or end up on the floor knocked out by cramps or perhaps a pulled hip flexor that felt like it could give out at any second.  I faked it, and this turned out to be my best performance of the weekend.  Have fun with this one and see what you can do.

Yes, this does mean you're probably going to see the brutal WOD #1 chipper soon.

This is one of my favorite photos from the Master's.  I'm deep in pre-WOD #4 terror, but before we're done here Vanessa is somehow going to find Himilayan salt water for my cramps, and Dave is going to produce so much high quality comedy that I ultimately won't care what happens.  It all worked out with some help from my friends.

Given that it's not possible to have an intelligent argument over the Paleoicity of coffee before having coffee, I'm recommending drinking coffee, and if you're confronted by a zealot, just lie about it, "coffee, are you kidding? I haven't had that $h1t in years."

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