Monday, October 3, 2011


800 meter run
30 Clean and Jerk
800 meter run

In unison

Today was a good day for deadlifts.  We spent a little time working on our handstands and our double unders, then got to the bars for some heavy deadlifts.  Several women are knocking on bodyweight deadlifts and will soon get them.  Scott had to top Andrew's 325 deadlift and managed it by 5 pounds.  You all were looking good today!

We are going to kick off our Paleo challenge with a little party on Friday October 14th.  We will then have a recipe sharing/Paleo Q&A with our own Chelsea Jowell, a personal chef and caterer.  She will have some good strategies for satisfying your food cravings and making timely meals.

A big part of your success with cleaning up your diet will depend on your initiative in shopping and preparing meals ahead.  If you find yourself with an empty fridge in the morning and then hungry, with no lunch, next to the vending machine...  it's a recipe for failure!  However, if you made stew in the crockpot overnight, if you have hard-boiled eggs ready to go, if you have a refrigerator full of farmer's market vegies all cut up and meat ready to go... it's a different story.  More strategies here.  Read more about what to eat according to Chuck Norris here.


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