Monday, October 24, 2011


hero WOD Morrison

heavy snatch

snatch on the minute every minute, 15 minutes

A few minutes with our rowing coach

  Last week James offered us some tips and drills for our rowing technique.  Those in attendance have improved their rowing, and several have remarked that they can row faster with less fatigue!  James is going to offer two rowing seminars in November.  They will be after the Saturday WOD from 10:30-11:30 on Nov 4th and Nov 19th.  They will count as a regular class on your membership, or you can drop-in for $15.  (This class needs a minimum of 4 athletes, and a maximum of 8, so sign up now!)  The sign-up sheet is by the stereo.

  A reminder that we are changing to a reserved-class system in the evenings to serve you better.  Please go to the membership portal here (also found to the right on the blog) and sign in with your password.  You may reserve classes weeks in advance, but the online system will not let you cancel less than 24 hours before class.  Classes are capped at 12 people.


Atalanta Rising said...
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Atalanta Rising said...

Daily Log

Breakfast 415
Coconut, dried, unswtnd 4 Tablespoons 122
Banana, fresh, med, 7" to 7 7/8" long 1 Each 105
Cashew Butter, plain 2 Tablespoons 188

Lunch 1,015
Lettuce, romaine, fresh, shred 2 Cups 16
Beef, average of all cuts, ckd, choice, 0" trim 4 Ounces 321
Avocado, avg, fresh 2 Each 643
Tomatoes, fresh, med 1 Each 35

Dinner 462
Chicken, broiler/fryer, breast, w/o skin, rstd 1 ½ Each 213
Bacon, brld/pan fried/rstd, med slice 3 Pieces 130
Mushrooms, fresh, med 8 Each 32
Broccoli, stmd 2 Cups 87

Snacks 408
Clams, smkd, baby, cnd 2 Ounces 130
Coconut, milk, cnd 10 Tablespoons 278

Fat 165g 61%
Carb 112g 18%
Protein 124g 20%

Food Calories 2,300
Exercise Calories -
Net Calories 2,300
+/- Calories -61
Weight -

More or less a re-run of the previous day