Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thursday, really

800m Run
30 Snatches
800m Run

The randomization of CrossFit is a wonderful thing.  We've been served a relatively high volume of running this week.  If you haven't seen Margaret yet for a form tune-up, you probably should.

The Paleo Challenge starts in under two weeks.  While I strongly believe in the Paleo diet, I try to remain mellow about proselytizing.  If you're interested and approach me first though, I'll talk about it all day.  Been there, doing that if you have any questions.

What would you do for Two Free Months of Crossfit?

Okay, I did my first serious 1,000 meter row Wednesday and finished in 3:17.4.  Two hours later I have that horrible metallic tasting cough going.  So if you're into this challenge, perhaps think of the pay off as one week of recovery and seven free weeks of CrossFit.

Saturday, February 4th 2012, the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships will include a four person - two men, two women - 4,000 meter relay race with the winning team taking home a brand new C2 erg, which fits in my truck bed and would look great against our purple wall.  These guys cost about $1,000 or $250 per team member.  You buy me a rower, I buy you two months here.

We're looking for two men who can row a 3:15/1,000 and two women who can row a 3:45/1,000.  I'd prefer to seek individual glory in the 2k and the 500 meter sprint, but if in the end it makes sense that I'm on team, I'm on the team.

We decided we will pay the team entry fee, so you're only out something less than four minutes of pain.

What  it takes to row a 3:15 or 3:45/1,000:
nice to have - height
really, really good to have - explosive lower body strength
you'll hate your life if don't have - intelligence and discipline
absolutely must have - pain tolerance and aggression
we could win this thing with - a preference for death before second place

If we get four people, you get to watch me do a full out 500.  If we get three people, we're in this together.

Who is in?

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David said...

I am in if I can contribute in any way; I'd like to be a part of bringing in a new C2 erg. I'm not sure how to get 2 women in for the rowing, though. If I can row a 3:15/1,000 by February 4th then I want in.