Tuesday, October 11, 2011


With two partners, or otherwise with a 1:2 work rest ratio:
1000 meter row
2x500 meter row
4x250 meter row

Don't fear the rower, you can make this as bad as you want.  I'm doing the whole thing at 1:45/500, my 2,000m pace, but I'm resting up for the weekend.  Some of you may want to push the 1,000 and see how you line up for the rowing team and the possibility of two free months.  Drew, our on-ramper and high school rower, got on the board with a 3:32.7, very impressive for a lightweight who is weeks away from his top conditioning still.  On the women's side, Chelsea turned a 4:06 and Darla a 4:11.

How about this, you push the 1,000 and I don't whip you for slowing down on the 500's and 250's?

Vanessa has proposed a generous pay-off for the Paleo challenge, and though I broke into a sweat, I approved it.  But screw that.  Do this because you deserve to function at your highest possible level.

Sorry the pay-off is exactly zero for guessing if today's WOD came from mainsite or if it's one I put in to cover a mainsite rest day.

You did get this one right, didn't you?

It is indeed time to build out the pull-up rig!

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