Tuesday, October 18, 2011


5 Rounds for Time
15 foot Rope Climb
5 Parallette Hand Stand Push-Ups
10 One-Legged OHS 45/33

I had an acceptable performance and a great time at last weekend's Master's Open.  I gave a heartfelt thank you speech to the 5:30 am crew last week, but I'd like to thank all the Freaks.  I mostly trained alongside the 5:30 and 7:30 am crews with occasional appearances elsewhere, but I derived motivation from everyone.  Usually the first thing I do in the morning is study the whiteboard and find out who did what after I left the previous day.  Remember that while your hard work benefits you, it is quite likely helping motivate someone else in the gym.

What can you expect from the Paleo Challenge?  It depends on your compliance but here is what happened to me.  I'd like everyone to post their menus to the blog comments as some have started doing.  It takes time, but I'll give you all direct feedback.  As soon as possible I'll put up a blog on Paleo pitfalls, but for now here is a short list: eat a ton of food, do not fear carbohydrates, do not fear fat, eat and do not be hungry.

Vanessa weighs in with more helpful Paleo links.

One year ago today it may have been warmer, or someone was seriously busting a$$.


melissa said...

Don't yell at me! Today I had a cucumber, almonds, three bananas and two americanos (cavemen had starbucks, didn't they?). Also my famous green smoothie which is spinach, 1/2 frozen banana, coconut water, and mint. Tomorrow I will pick up my Back to the Basics order and will eat more, promise.

JamesD said...

Wow, if you're going to under eat by this much, at least make it protein. I'll assume this was unavoidable. If I had a catastrophe like this, I'd eat several tablespoons of coconut oil in an attempt to keep my body out of starvation hold on to every molecule of fat mode.

melissa said...

By almonds, I meant, like 800-900 calories worth. That's alot of protein and fat, yes?

JamesD said...


melissa said...

I definitely came from the gatherer side of the family. I'll eat ham and eggs for breakfast tomorrow, promise.

Atalanta Rising said...

Survived my second day of "real life" paleo, by that I mean: I'm living on the fly with this, but sometimes even when you plan a bit ahead, stuff happens anyway. I was running late for work today and the beef that I had pre-made the night before was gone. Seems my 14 year old thought left over beef sounded good too and absconded with it, that was ok, but I was in a pinch for my breakfast and lunch now. So, I grabbed the Cashew butter jar from the fridge drove to King Soopers on the way out of town and bought one of those whole cooked chickens and some fresh asparagus.

I know that I still didn't eat enough today, I'll work on that -I'll work on getting my food measurements more precise too, these are mostly guesstimates.

Anyway, today's menu:

Coffee 24oz
2 Chicken drumsticks
2 Tbs. Cashew Butter

1 Cup raw asparagus
2 Tbs. Cashew Butter

4-6oz Chichen
1 Cup raw asparagus

1 Tbs Cashew butter

1.5 cups Strawberries

6-ish oz turkey breast meat (fresh and unprocessed)

Vanessa Pinter said...

That was a great work-around, Darla! Yes, more starchy carbs and more fat would be helpful, but it's pretty good for a non-training day.

melissa said...

Wednesday's menu:

2 eggs, 4 pieces of ham, as promised

2 bananas and some grapes

only a handful of almonds

green smoothie

5:30 WOD

3 pieces of homemade beef jerky

some of Chelsea's picadillo, yum.

Vanessa Pinter said...

That's starting to look like real food, Melissa!

Atalanta Rising said...

Double post for food. I realized that posted Tuesdays to Wednesdays blog this morning, almost did it again.

6 oz Chicken
.5C Blueberries

Coffee 24oz

2 tbs cashew butter

2 tbs Cashew Butter

6 oz of chicken breast bacon mixture
2C. Broccoli

I didn't do a very good job today, I went too long without food, but I did stay paleo. I did some shopping to help. Picked up coconut oil -never cooked with it before. Vitamin Cottage is having a decent sale on some.

Powerlifting today: Squat and bench

SaraSteffan said...

Hi! This is what happened on Wed..
Breakfast – Green Chili Chicken Stew- coffee/ water
Snack – almonds and walnuts water
Lunch – left over Taco Salad – water
Snack – raspberries and almond butter – water
Dinner – homemade Chicken and vegetable Soup – water
Snack – strawberries water

-Sara :)