Thursday, November 17, 2011


L-Sit for Time
Handstand Walk for Distance
Chest to Bar Pull-Up for Weight
1 rm Snatch

Audrey got 32 feet on her hands this morning, Jennifer got a chest to bar pull-up, Andrew snatched 175, and James sounded the depths of the bottomless coffee cup.  What do the rest of you have?

My oldest daughter and me about ten years ago.  She is in Spain now with a school group!

Remember to come after class at 6:30 pm Friday for the Paleo Party!  There will be refreshments to share (bring something to share if you can) and we will announce the winners of the Paleo Challenge, based on number of meals posted to comments.  Please send in your photos and get your BF measured.  We will be doing benchmarks this Saturday - Murph or Filthy Fifty - let me know which one you need to do.  If you didn't get at least one "after" benchmark WOD in this week, you may do one during class next week.

Thank you for participating in this challenge, either officially or unofficially.  It has been a learning experience for me to guide so many people through this journey.  It has been interesting to hear your many reactions to improving your lifestyle - what you are willing to change or not, and what effect it has on you.  Thank you for letting me help out!

Please post to comments or our FaceBook page if you noticed any change in your body or your mind!

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Jennifer Piggott said...

Thank you for all of your advice and support during the Paleo Challenge. I am definitely stronger and faster, and feel great! I have not required as much sleep over the past 30 that has been hard to adjust to...but I'm figuring it out. And even though I can't bring myself to eat a big, rare, juicy steak...I can still make Paleo work for me. That's the beauty of it! I have continued to eat Paleo and plan on making it a Paleo Thanksgiving this year!
My boys have hockey Friday night so I will not be able to attend your Paleo Party...but I do plan on mixing up your "Paleo Margarita" recipe sometime soon! Cheers! Jennifer