Sunday, November 13, 2011


Clean & Jerk 135/95
Muscle Up

If it were a power clean, it would say "power clean."  I strongly object to the "squat clean" construction.  Suffice it to say that for this work out, you're either catching your clean in a parallel or deeper squat, or you're power cleaning then doing a front squat.

We have enough MU progressions to keep everyone happy.

This time I'll tell the truth.  Sometimes I look through our growing photo archives, and I click on something trying to enlarge it but it uploads.  It's usually easier for me to caption my way out of it than to edit.  What I remember here was that it was June 2010, the Waldens were involved, and some sort of mercy rule - perhaps a 30 minute cut-off - was invoked.

Darla has labored quietly and ceaselessly for months now, squatting three times a week when her schedule allows.  She's had no consistent training partners and variable coaching since our schedules rarely allow it.  Saturday she went 3/3 on the squat, and 1/1 on the bench when we decided to pass the second and third attempts to save energy for an American record dead lift attempt.  She missed the opening dead lift, regrouped to smash it on the second attempt, and had a back-wrenching, gut-busting attempt at the record.  The bar broke off the floor and went to mid-shin where neither her strength nor my will could make it go any further.

You probably won't see or hear Darla again until March when she becomes our first American record holder.


confidential said...

Darla Rocks!
Congratulations Darla!

Atalanta Rising said...

Wow! I'm misty eyed reading this post. For many reasons. The biggest being If it wasn't for our gym and coaches I never would have tried any of this to begin with. It's because you believed in me that I even tried.

I was always afraid of competing till I came here. I'm still learning and it's not always easy or comfortable but it's always been worth it!

Truth be told, many days I'm borrowing other peoples tenacity, because I'll be fresh out of my own.

I really hope that being lazy for one or two more days won't ruin my new found credibility though. Cause that's my plan! :-)

Thank you to all the coaches and my fellow gym mates I love coming in and being with you guys!

Eric Walden said...

Great job D! You've always had that fire in your eye, ever since you first came in to us - you just had to look and see it for yourself!

And James - I looked up the results of the Coalminer. I finished 3.4 rounds in 30 minutes and intoned in my notes that doing it RX'd would result in permanent damage!