Monday, November 14, 2011


Everyone is invited to the "We Survived Paleo" Party on this Friday evening after the WOD.  Bring some Paleo food or  adult beverages to share.  Eating Paleo for a month wasn't really that hard now, was it?

trainer's choice

Master's WOD #
5 Rounds for Time
10 Deadlifts
10 Kettlebell thruster (explanation and standard here)
150 sprint

The leftover chicken bones, turned into solid deliciousness and a calcium/glucosamine supplement.   This is reduced stock, which I turned into a sauce.

Some direction from the Mike Burgenger on the jerk grip verses the clean grip.  You must transition between the two during a clean and jerk.  During the thruster, you either transition (quickly!) or make some compromise in one or both.  If your front squat is collapsing chest forward, keep those elbows up until the last minute.  If the upper portion of the lift is the limiting factor, then drive up with your elbows down and your hands around the bar.  Just make sure that your elbows do not come near your knees, for that contact at high speeds and with weight on the bar can lead to injury.

More about the clean rack position from CrossFit Chicago.


David said...

How about eating Paleo for the rest of your life?

i.e. I worry about the "survived" aspect of the celebration. You don't want your dietary life to be some torture that you survive daily, right? I hoped to incorporate Paleo eating habits into my life and "enjoy" it for the duration. :)

It would just be sad to see people abandon Paleo after their 30 days of roughing it ... not that I don't plan to go a little nuts with food afterwards. I'll just confine it to a short time period and recur to my Paleo habits (if I have the willpower and want to maintain/improve my health and fitness).

JamesD said...

Right, David. I found it such an ordeal not to poison myself for 30 days.

Vanessa said...

Of course. That was supposed to be sarcastic. Although I did run out and buy some cream for my coffee.