Monday, November 21, 2011


We will have only one class on Thanksgiving, at 9am.

Front Squat

Kettlebell Thruster Right
Kettlebell Thruster Left

Attack of Quadzilla!

Paleo Challenge People:  Make sure to get your benchmark WOD done and your bodyfat measured.  Also, send me after photos, or let me take some.  You may do a benchmark in class instead of the official WOD if you need to.

We are trying out a new system to track your WOD scores called SocialWOD.  Check it out here.   You can have it email you when a new WOD is posted, it usually take at least 12 hours.  This is a new service; they are working on new features to let you add in your scaling and weights.  Please give me feedback on it.  We can give them some ideas.  If you like it we will keep it! 

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JamesD said...

Good link. I don't even have thighs anymore; I have pistons. I've got the love/hate thing going. I love looking at them, but then I have to poke them with my finger to see if they're real, and I think that's really why my shoulders are sore - the pistons feel like tungsten steel.