Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Changes for January

Andrew and Hricko

We will be expanding the reserve system to all classes in 2012, not just the evening classes. Thank you for putting up with the inconvenience! It allows us to to plan better for class, or even stay home when everybody else decides to eat pie instead of train.

We will be adding three 6:30 am classes, and offering only two 7:30 am class. Margaret is adding Tuesday and Thursday classes at 9:30 am and I will teach the 11 am classes. Eleven o'clock is turning into first responder hour - let's crank the punk rock and hit it.

On-Ramp starts January 2nd.  Now is the time to sign-up.  Classes meet 7:30 pm M, 6:30 pm T, 7:30 pm R for four weeks.  We will be offering a 6:30 am class which will meet two days a week for six weeks.


5 rounds not for time
As many as possible:
Bodyweight bench press
Rest as needed

Matt does the beginner rope climb. 
This is not necessarily easier than a real rope climb!

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