Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today's 11am class is cancelled.  All other classes as usual.

Today is your chance to do a benchmark for the Paleo challenge if you haven't yet.
Pick a bench mark of your choice like Christine, or do the following:

find your max box jump
find your max snatch

15 minutes on the minute
2 snatch
3 box jump

Use about 90% of today's max.  Use your judgement.  You should be breathing hard after the 2 snatches and 3 box jumps, but you should have at least 25 seconds to rest before the next set.  You can always take a few plates off in the middle of this WOD if you need to.
This is the kind of effort I'm looking for.  Watch this kid squat 500 lbs, too.

Thank you CrossFit Vancouver Island.

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