Thursday, December 15, 2011


5 Rounds for Time
15 Deadlifts 185/135
15 Toes to Bar

I watched some impressive squatting Wednesday morning, and I saw the evening people were putting up decent numbers too.

"Study in Colour no. 412"
Anaya makes Badger colors look good even to a Hawkeye.

"the Thing with the Swing"
Look how the pony tail flies on the downstroke.  That's exactly how the arms should fly on the upstroke; the hair can't exert force, and the arms shouldn't exert force.  It's all in the hips.

I'm late.  It's 6:40 am.  I should be deadlifting and I'm sitting here thinking about how few "vowel shift" verbs there are in English - I fly, he/she/it flies.  What a language, what a horrible excuse for not getting under the bar.

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