Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time to go Overhead


Run 400 meters
15 OHS

Waiting to make a change in your life? We can get you on the right path to quality eating and quality training. Our dedicated beginner's class can accommodate firebreathers or physical challenges, like tricky knees and sore shoulders.  However, if you need help with serious orthopedic issues or a lot of weight to lose, Private Training will give you a coach's undivided attention.

We will have a new On-Ramp starting next month on Monday the 2nd. We will also offer a 6:30 am class. Please make a note when you sign up if you want the AM class or PM. If at least two people note AM it will go.

Current members, if someone you refer to us joins after On-Ramp, you get 50% off your next month!   You and your fit bodies are the best advertisement we could have!

Going on vacation? Here are some ideas on how to survive your time away from your gym and your larder.  Make sure to have a good time, and if you splurge on non-Paleo food, really enjoy the bleep out of it!

The inversion on the rings

Turkish Get-up - What muscle is this working?
What muscle is this NOT working!

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