Friday, December 16, 2011


Saturday: join us for a fun, free Workout of the Day at 9 am, and experience functional fitness.  Functional fitness, as we use the term, means you will become better at life, not rolling around on a ball with a dumbbell.

Sunday: open gym at 5 pm followed by a short but intense workout at 6 pm.

Next weekend: I understand Margaret has something for you Saturday if you've been naughty.  If you've been nice I'll do a WoD on Sunday.  I've got to row a marathon in there somewhere, but let me know what time you'd like a class, and I'll make it all work.

You absolutely don't have to work out at 5:30 am.  You can also just say no if you're at the fights and the promotor asks you to fill in for a missing ring girl.  This is our 05:30 vixen Audrey who does her work and decides to give it a shot.

Wow, where can I sign up to get my face smashed in?

If you want to become a ring girl, or just get better at life, we can get you on the right path to quality eating and quality training. Our dedicated beginner's class can accommodate firebreathers or physical challenges, like tricky knees and sore shoulders. However, if you need help with serious orthopedic issues or a lot of weight to lose, Private Training will give you a coach's undivided attention.

We will have a new On-Ramp starting next month on Monday the 2nd. We will also offer a 6:30 am class. Please make a note when you sign up if you want the AM class or PM. If at least two people note AM it will go.

Current members, if someone you refer to us joins after On-Ramp, you get 50% off your next month! You and your fit bodies are the best advertisement we could have!


Atalanta Rising said...

Damn, Audrey! You go girl!

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