Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Time to sign up for On-Ramp!   Evening class starts Monday January 2nd.   We will be offering a 6:30 am On-Ramp class starting January 11th, Wednesday and Friday.

Check the schedule - things are changing.  No class 5:30 am W, class on MTRF.  Class 6:30 am MTR.  Class at 7:30 am only on W and F.  Class five days a week at 9:30.  No more open lifting except for Thursday at 5:30 pm - for now.

The reservation system is now in place for every class.  If no-one signs in, your coach is going to sleep in. 

Thank you to all of you for letting us be your coaches, for showing up and working hard.  Your successes make us proud!


After today's bench press WOD you may be thinking about the bench press.  What's the ideal way to do this thing?  I asked James to take his shirt off so that we could see how he does it.  He gets set up on the bench, sets his feet hard against the floor, then scoots way back on the bench.  (Spotter, get out of the way!)  He then winds up the tension with a backbend before setting himself back down on the bench.  Once he is set to press, his butt is touching the bench at all times, his chest is up, he is pressing his traps into the bench, and he is trying to break the bar in half.  That tension gets wound up tight at the bottom of the press, ready to drive up.

Read more about the bench from Rippetoe here, a $25 subscription to the CF Journal is required but then you can read/watch everything ever posted there.  Go to town on videos here.


group warm-up
play with dumbbell clean and jerk, etc
Dumbbell Bear
every minute on the minute for twenty minutes

Sunday, New Year's Day

ring in the New Year right with a WOD at 9 am!
no 5 or 6 pm class
Your feedback is needed on Sunday's WOD.  We will be moving the time up a bit, post to comments if you prefer a certain time.

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Angie Sebok said...

I haven't been attending on Sundays, but I'd prefer later morning (e.g., 11 AM) or early evening (4 or 5 PM).

Happy New Year, fellow Crossfitters!