Thursday, January 5, 2012

CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total
Find your 1 rep max of
Squat (the barbell back squat of course :) )
Press (the standing shoulder press)

If you have been doing CrossFit for less than three months, you are going to do triples. 

This will take the entire class time.  Make sure to get here on time or early and do a quick warm-up before starting to warm up the squat with the empty bar.

A free CF Journal article about the total, by the guy who invented it, Mark Rippetoe.

Is it fun (fun being relative)? Strength training for seniors, and we don't mean high school students.

And along those lines, strength training will reduce the steepness of the decline into old age.

The hip drive in the kettlebell is straight forward, the hip drive in the Olympic lifts is not!

Epic WOD on Wednesday!
Fun to do occasionally, but don't make a habit of it!

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