Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Denver Indoor Rowing Championships are Feb 3rd and 4th.  Our team is getting ready!  I hope you will be there to scream for them.  James, Andrew, and Anaya are racing next Saturday at the Mile High Sprints, if you are not doing FGB, please go cheer them on!

No class on Sunday.

Saturday we had a fun, little, Fight Gone Bad prep.  (insert evil laugh here)  Next Saturday we will put on a real Fight Gone Bad.  You will have a chance to find out which is worse!  Non-members may drop-in for this class, but PLEASE register first!  Class size is limited.  Pre-registering for class will cut down on the amount of confusion and waiting before class, as I can assign partners and heats ahead of time.  You should now be able to indicate Rx (as prescribed) or scaled when you register.

Remember when you first started?  You've come so far since then!

Some of our new people currently in On-Ramp
Sarah and Mary


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