Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun Videos!

 Our team at the Mile High Sprints

 Watch the technique on the rowers.

8x250 meter row
Rest thoroughly in between.

We will work on rowing skills.

Keep working on your skills - the CrossFit Open is coming up! We encourage everyone to sign up. Last year the fee was minimal and allowed you to register with CrossFit Headquarters online and rank yourself with people all over the world. We will be doing the competition WODs in the gym as a free bonus class. Community members and garage gym-ers can come for a drop-in fee and get your score validated.

Stuff CrossFitters Say!  Title is not work and family safe, but the video is.

Seen Planet Fatness's ad making fun of bodybuilders?  Here are some responses.

Come to our planet!

Another spoof.

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JamesD said...

I want to throw up watching that 500.