Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get lucky Valentines Day weekend!


Here is a virtual competition for Valentines Day weekend, a couples WOD, which you can complete anytime from Friday to Tuesday. 

That Saturday there is also a friendly barbell lifting meet at Defy! CrossFit in Broomfield.  There is a special discount for TwinFreaks members!  All ages, genders, weight classes, and experience welcome.  Come and get your feet wet.  James and I (VP) probably will both be going to coach and volunteer.  You, too, may volunteer!

Coach Saber and his record-breaking 13-year-old lifter Abbey of Defy! got on TV recently.

Booty Camp starts next Tuesday!  Sign up now - we need six people signed up for class to start.  If this goes well I'll consider starting a class in the evening.

The new On-Ramp also will start at the beginning of February.

Darla works the muscle-up progression
 Aaron has a nice L-sit

Push Press
3 Rounds for Time
5 squats 205 pounds
25 supine ring rows

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