Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hang Snatch 

something short and sweet

Coming Soon: Primal Transformation Seminar! 

Date: Monday, Feb. 13
Location: Boulder Inn, 770 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80303 | 303-449-3800

This is a fast-paced seminar lasting three hours, consisting of a live presentation, entertaining slide show and audience question and answer interaction. Guests will leave knowing exactly what to do in order to "get Primal" in the following 21 days.

Click here for more details and to register online.

As a CrossFit gym member you enjoy a $10 discount on the registration fee by entering the following code online: CROSSFITSEMINAR10OFF. Bring a friend/companion and enjoy an additional $10 discount. For questions email or call 888-774-6259.

This looks good folks.  Consider going.

Good job!  Great work on the ergs.  We took gold, silver, and bronze.  The videos will be featured tomorrow, but try this one now:


Chelsea said...

Way to go! Great pic of the 3 of you!

Angie Sebok said...

Congrats! Very well done.