Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New On-Ramp Starts Wednesday at 6:30 am!

Libby is not feeling well.
She is an awesome athlete
and we hope she is back on her feet
feeling great soon!

CrossFit is a fabulous way to build muscle, increase conditioning, and lose fat. We are great at building GPP or general physical preparedness for anything life might throw at you. Losing fat is almost a side effect, but it certainly happens!

The new morning On-Ramp starts Wednesday at 6:30 am. We do have spaces available! Don't put it off any longer. Sign up now! You may sign up online at our blog or by email. Please indicate which session you are signing up for.
Bent over Row

more Romanian Deadlifts
everybody is going to get good at these.  

Deadlift 225 (or something manageable)
hand stand push-ups

Watch this video to see the kind of speed we are looking for. Notice also the kipping and strict HSPUs.

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