Sunday, January 15, 2012

OK, next who is going to send me a human OHS photo?
Longmont Garage Gymmers!  How are you doing?  Come visit us for Fight Gone Bad and test yourself!

I started out in the back yard with the chickens and the dog getting in my way, doing pull-ups on the swing set.  And at the Rec Center, running up and down the stairs to do wall balls in the basketball gym.  Running back up the stairs only to find someone had jumped on the one rowing machine or put away my big stack of aerobic steps.  Having some guy try to engage me in conversation while I was in the middle of a WOD!  It was fun, and the schedule was at my convenience, but it was lonely work.  I'm glad to be surrounded by all of my CrossFitters now.   I love watching you cheer each other through a WOD, watching and encouraging while the last guy finishes the last rep.  Nobody understands that feeling of pain like a fellow CrossFitter.  (And you know every CF gym in the world will welcome you in with open arms and embrace you as one of their own.)  I love watching you kick my butt and break my records, it gives me motivation to keep going.

Normal schedule on Monday.

Practice your kipping pull-ups and make them smooth and fast.

5-3 Rounds, 25 minute cutoff

Run 200 m
20 pull-ups
Run 200 m
20 push-ups
Run 200 m
20 sit-ups
Run 200 m
20 air squats

Yes, each round you will run a half-mile.  If you do it Rx'd, AKA as prescribed, you will run two and a half miles.

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